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Text Box: All New Powder Booths shall have a fire detection system.

Fire Protection for Powder Coating Booths

Fire Does Happen in Powder Coating Booths


If you have powder in the correct concentration with oxygen and a spark of sufficient energy

there will be a fire.


Although the booth and equipment manufacturers design their systems to the highest standards for safety there is always a risk that a spark will occur in a powder coating booth.


That spark can ignite the powder and the fire will rapidly spread into other areas. In recent fires there has been major destruction to the booths and factory buildings.


The new CEN standard EN12981 states that all powder coating booths shall have a fire detection system.


It then goes on to say that enclosed filter systems shall have protection against explosion.


The CENELEC standard EN50177 states that type B and C guns shall have a local

fire extinguishing system.


PES Engineering and STS have extensive experience in powder booth fire protection equipment and can offer the booth manufacturer, the equipment manufacturer and the customer a well proven and cost effective solution to fire protection.




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Text Box: STS fire detection and suppression systems conform to EN50177 & EN12981





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